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I missed the live session today and wondering is it online somewhere to view

It will be in the Webinars section soon, the link I received stated within 12 hours.

Hey team, it's up now.

Hi Andre, I'm running a GTX3584RS on a Ford Factory XR6 turbo 1.06 rear housing that has had to be machined to be able to fit the different size/type of turbine wheel that comes with the RS. I have two questions regarding this turbo.

Firstly would the machining of the rear housing take away from the ability of the RS turbo to performer as Garret intend it to? For example they ship out with v-band rear housings ranging from 0.83a/r, 1.01 and 1.21 designed for that turbine wheel. Where the 1.06 I have is from the old GT35 turbo that garret has had out for over ten years, and obviously not designed for the RS turbo charger.

The second question is that Garret rate this turbo up-to 1000HP however when you look at the compressor map they provide it would not even be able to be used to 1000HP as that would be well into the chock area of the map. Do you know why they may rate it to 1000HP if their own map wont support it.

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I'd take an educated guess that your factory housing machined to accept the 3584 is quite likely to not be as ideal as the genuine Garrett housing for this turbo. That being said provided the profile of the machining is well matched to the turbine wheel there's nothing wrong with doing this and it's certainly a lot cheaper than the work required to fit Garrett's v band housings.

The 3584 comp wheel can support 1000 hp. You'll note that it can support maximum flow of about 90 lb/min airflow which if absolutely everything is going in your favour can equate to 1000 hp. This however would be an absolute best case scenario and you'd probably struggle to get there in most installations. It's also worth noting that this flow can only be achieved with a pressure ratio of about 2.6.

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