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I thought it might be useful to have a webinar about knock, and tuning safely without knock control. I know it is my biggest fear!

I'd love some detail on it and how to work safely around it as a rookie.

Causes - hardware set-up that might promote knock, i.e. high compression, high boost, wrong plugs, bad fuel etc, tuning timing too aggressively, tuning too lean etc.

Effects - how it can damage the engine - hammer out bearings, damage pistons etc

Detection - how to detect it & what is sounds like, what to listen / look for when tuning, commercial or DIY knock detection methods

Tuning - how to prevent it - how to find the knock threshold safely, how much safety margin to provide when tuning timing etc

intrested as well!

Great suggestion. I'll see what we can bring you. In the mean time you can check out the webinars on knock control anyway as there is still some great and relevant content regarding knock in general.

Thanks Andre, watching all the webinars in chronological order and I'm almost up to the M1 knock control example

as above, I'm struggling with this at the moment.

all the gear and no idea comes to mind.

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