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For the sake of improvement, I figured it would nice to get the suggestion of the members.

For example, I noticed that often Andre get our questions almost too late at the end of the webinars.

I guess we all focus on the video and ask what comes to our mind at the very end.

So I thought maybe you could recap the content of the webinar at the end, that way it would give us the time to write (and translate) our questions.

I do realize that on some topics it might not always be easy (or even possible) to summarise, but there is is always other way to kill a tiny bit of time to create that gap. (like what will come up next, etc..)

Hey Ludo, that's a great idea. Ben and I were actually discussing exactly this after the webinar last night and figured we needed to change the way we dealt with it a little. The other problem which doesn't help is that there is a latency in the broadcast stream of up to 15-20 seconds. This means that you actually see/hear what I'm talking about up to 20 seconds after I've said it here in the shop. When I'm asking for questions this lag can make it look like there aren't any questions to cover.

We will try and implement a few changes for the next one :)

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