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Hi Guys.

Looking for some clarity on set up functionality for traction control in an M130 and M150. I understand the traction aim main table and its functionality. Its more the traction aim compensation gear and Traction Range? Talking to some guys at Motec. Traction range is a percentage over the Traction Main table. When I watched your webinar. It sounds like its an RPM range that gets set up in this table? Not a percentage range above? Can you clarify that one for me please. The traction aim compensation gear sounds like a percentage table? These 2 cars are dry weather road race Porsches. Any set up suggestions or parameters to try as a base set up for tuning. Thanks. Russell

Hey Russel, the traction aim compensations allow you to adjust the traction control slip aim value based on a variety of parameters. For example you may decide that you want to allow less wheel slip in 4th gear than what you will allow in 3rd gear. You can do this by entering the percentage you want to reduce the slip target. You can also do the same for lateral acceleration if you like. This can allow you to reduce the allowable wheel slip when you're cornering hard compared to what will be allowed in a straight line. Just remember that your compensations will be cumulative if you're using both compensations.

The Traction Range on the other hand is multiplied by the Traction Engine Speed Limit to provide an rpm range that's used for the application of the ignition cut. So for example if this is set to a value of 0 there is essentially a hard cut at the calculated traction Engine Speed Limit. If you increase the values then the ignition cut will function over the range you define. You need to keep in mind that increasing the range also has the effect of allowing more wheel slip to occur. Does that clear things up?

Hi Andre.

Thank you very much for your help. I am still a bit confused on the Traction Range (Math). Have received many different answers on tuning it. I get that if its a zero. You have maximum ignition cut occur at the calculated traction engine speed limit?!?!. Its the range beyond zero that im trying to figure out how broad it is. For example. If i have 100 as my Traction range setting. Does that give me a 100rpm cut window above calculated traction engine speed limit? Whats an acceptable range for setting up the Traction Range map. We are using a 1-9 trim switch. Where would you recommend starting for a base set up? I will be headed to the track on Friday with the customer and would like to work on tuning the system. Thanks again for all your help. Russell