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Transient Fuel Haltech Elite

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Hi Andre,

So i posted this in the general tuning forum already and despite bumping a number of times I never got any responses.

I know you've not done a webinar yet on the haltech elite and transient fueling, but I did look at the one on the platinum series ecu. The elite however is different.

Can you shed some light on how you would go about tuning this on the elite?


What is your specific situation?

I've gone through this with Haltech and have some information for you.

The interaction of the tables is a little unique but essentially you need to consider the Enrich Amount tables (sync and async) to be the maximum amount of fuel that will be delivered via transient enrichment. Then you can proportion how much of this enrichment will be delivered using the Enrich Rate table. The vertical axis by default on this table is the initial throttle position and the horizontal axis is rate of change of throttle. This can be set up so that a big stab of throttle from 0% TPS will give max enrichment, but if you stab the throttle from 50% open, you'll get less enrichment.

The other setting that's important to understand is the Load Acceleration Rate which is perhaps poorly named. It defines how fast the enrichment is removed. You can see its effect by setting it very low (perhaps 2-3%) and then watching how the cursor moves through the Enrich rate table when you stab the throttle.

I hope that helps.

Raymond, sorry for not replying. I really didn't have a specific situation, I just was not sure how these tables worked and interacted because it's a bit different to the Platinum series.

Andre, thanks a lot for that, it clears up what the tables actually do. I have a question though...in the enrich amount table, why are the default values increasing with engine speed? Should it not be the opposite, the more rpm the less enrichment we ought to need?

Lastly that load acceleration parameter....where abouts is this parameter? Not seeing it anywhere on my software.


The Load Acceleration Rate parameter is in the Function settings menu where you actually enable the transient enrichment settings.

You're right, the values should typically decrease with rpm. It seems like it is a Haltech related quirk.

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