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when i need tune cars basic . for stock cars like GM FORD TOYOTA NISSAN .

what i tune basic

I'm going to need more information in order to be able to answer you. Have you looked at our practical tuning courses? These cover the entire tuning process from basic modifications through to more significant changes.


The a lot of tuners

Tune the stock car for add little horse power ?

The car stock no add any parts

All parts

No air filter. No change map. No change throttle?


I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're asking but if you're tuning a stock unmodified engine then what you can expect to gain will depend on the existing tune. Most factory tunes are overly rich at full throttle and are conservative on timing. This means that you can often gain power by leaning the AFR and adding a little timing. There are however some engines where the tune is really close to perfect in stock form and without adding things like an intake and exhaust you won't see any more power.


When important I use wideband?

It's important to use a wideband when you are trying to tune the amount of fuel injected.


Dear David

Only when I try tune the amount of fuel injected ?

If I tune fuel economy it not important?

Thank you & best regards

Normally, you would be adjusting the fueling to achieve fuel economy, so it would be useful to have mixture information from the wideband controller.

HiFor ford cars in bolt ons if i only tune .Torque management. Throttle control... initial changes for optimum power (op) mode .Spark borderliner table initial changes..And spark borderline.Without use wideband it have problem?

Thank you & best regards

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