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Hi guys,

I got an email about Turbo Tuning webinar which sounded right up my alley but I was at work and couldn't watch it live. Now I can't find it in the archive? Did it not actually go ahead?

I had a similar issue, but I attempted to click on the link while the webinar should have still been in progress. However, I was directed to the main webinar page where I can see the next 4 upcoming episodes above the archived ones albeit, with #85 missing.

If possible, could we have reminder emails sent perhaps the day before, and then again the day of but, 1-2 hours before it begins? It would also help it the email stated the exact start time with the GMT you're on, so others can convert to our time. I think that would really help us attend the live session to ask questions if we have any.

Thanks for reading!


Sorry guys, there was a longer than normal delay getting this webinar online. It's in the archive now.

Hey Pat, are you using the reminder system? This should give you two email reminders of any webinar you're interested in. I think you should get an email 12 hours before the webinar and then another reminder 1 hour before.

Thanks for the reply Andre. I didn't know about the reminder system (my fault, I can admit it) so I now have that set up and look forward to the next one!

We aim to please :)

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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