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Hello there mates, going to dive straight to the matter

In webinar 104 about antilag, Andre discussed the cons such as excessive wear on turbo chargers and manifolds due to high temperatures from the antilag system.

My question is, is it possible to bypass these dis-advantages completely by installing Methanol injection or overall converting to Methanol Fuel ?

Hope to get an answer soon, cheers

nope, combustion temperatures are still going to be high with retarded ignition used for anti-lag.

Great, just wanted to know

Worth avoiding than pleasing crouds...

Quick question on antilag setup after rewatching webinar 104.

I want to setup antilag and only use it for track events (mostly 1/4mile and 1/2mile events) and I do not want a spectacle, I rarely drive this vehicle on the street, and I'd like to reduce/eliminate any chance of significant engine/turbo damage. Lastly, I would consider myself a 'novice' user.

The setup is a single turbo 03 350z running a link g4+

My questions:

In the webinar, the example showed of -40degrees (and I believe the Motec was setup on Absolute Degrees) Is -40 considered for 'advanced' users? Within the webinar Andre mentioned less air would be moved with less ignition retard along with less heat and less wear. Would a value of -20 absolute degrees still provide 'some' antilag benefit with less damage potential and be adequate for a 'novice' user.

Further, the webinar showed ignition retard in between 0% and 40%. For a 'milder' antilag would it be beneficial to only activate antilag between 0% to 20% throttle position?

And should these changes (-20 absolute degrees BTDC and 0% to 20% throttle position) be mimicked in the antilag fuel table? Meaning decrease fuel to 2.5% (compared to the webinars 5%) and only add 2.5% fuel in the 0% to 20% throttle position cells. Or am I doing myself a disservice by removing necessary fuel that provides cooling?

Link has my default arming as Digital Input DI1. DI1 is VVT Left Intake. I've found that Link has setup the defaults well on this ECU but I am confused why they'd select DI1 (VVT Left Intake) for the arming? I dont know for certain but would VVT be active at 0% throttle? Or are they assuming VVT would be active within the 5second deactivation time-window? Is there a better digital input to use? or is it best to run it as 'always on'?

Would it be wise as a novice user to leave ignition cut off? Sounds like this is more of an advanced user feature and could cause accelerated wear & tear?

I'm perfectly fine leaving flames in the engine/exhaust/turbo.

As always, thank you again for your help and keep up the good work -


Antilag setup is not for the novice tuner as you can blow a turbo or an engine very quickly. Setup varies from vehicle to vehicle, engine to engine, ecu to ecu and tuner to tuner......BUT with that said, you start with small values and see how the engine and turbo responds with these settings and work your way up from there until you net the results you are looking for. No one ALS strategy and setup will work on all vehicles.

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