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While trying to set injector dead times at different voltages . Instead of unplugging the alternator or turning on lights ,wipers, ect to reduce batterie voltage . To eliminated the difference of batterie voltage to the fuel pump which affects the flow of the fuel pump . Could you put in a resistor or variable resistor in line with the power leads of the ECU since the ECU monitors the input voltage . If you know the amperage draw of the ECU you can size the wattage size of the resistor . E over I x R Or P over I x E . Terry

On a proper injector test bench this is accomplished by using a variable power supply to the ECU. In a real world situation though if the voltage supply to the ECU/injectors is enough to reduce the fuel pump flow and hence effect pressure, then realistically this is going to have just as much affect on the situation as your dead time unless your ECU can measure and compensate for fuel pressure.

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