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Good day mates . Currently looking at picotech.com. was wondering if the PicoScope 2000 series USB Powered scope would work for checking cam & crank triggers ?? the scope has 2 inputs 10MHZ bandwidth sample rate 100 ms/s , 8KS Memory ,2 probes included $139 USD$. They also have 25,50,70,100 Bandwith models . More $$ of course . Thanks Terry

That's the same scope we use and it has been excellent for our purposes. The scope bandwidth will depend on the maximum signal frequency you need to measure. As a general rule of thumb the bandwidth should be 5 times higher than the maximum signal frequency you're expecting to measure. In most instances our automotive applications are relatively basic for a scope and a 10 Mhz is probably going to suffice. If you're using a high count input wheel at very high rpm and want to be able to accurately measure the triggers right through the rev range then you may need to consider a 20 Mhz scope.

Thanks for the reply back Andre

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