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Webinar 209; Compressor Surge

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Do you have a recommendation for a reliable way to detect compressor surge?

If the surge is slight I was thinking it may be difficult to detect, would a pressure sensor mounted after the compressor outlet be a good method to check for surge during tuning?

Hi, do blow off valves assist with keeping boost pipes from blowing off? I have a top dollar 1000+hp kit on my turbo Falcon and am running a Samco billet joiner with t-bolt clams. The boost pipes are rubber. I can't seem to keep the boost pipe sealed in this one particular spot, its only a straight through section but will blow off from time to time. I have tried Sika flex and setup the clamps very tight but still having problems. Will a BOV help?

Could you recommend a good chemical sealant (glue) for this join. Rubber to aluminum.

Thank you


Keep up the great quality work, well done!

Andre, could you please help us out with a response to these two posts.



@Jeff you'll find that compressor surge is quite obvious when it occurs so I don't think you would be able to ignore it. If you're sampling pressure post compressor at a fast enough rate you're likely to see an oscillation but I don't really know of any easy means of turning that into an indication you can take note of.

@Louis, no a BOV is not going to be any help with your I/C plumbing blowing off. The BOV (if it's doing its job properly) will be closed under full boost so you've still got full boost pressure trying to force the pipes apart. The most common issue I find with hoses blowing off is due to hard pipes that have no beading on the ends of them. The silicone joiners need a bead or edge to grip onto in order to be reliable. With high power/high boost engines another smart alternative is the clamshell style clamps sold by the likes of wiggins. These days cheaper options are available from the likes of Plazmaman with their plazmaclamps.

Thats great Andre thanks heaps for the response.

Appreciate all that you guys do at HPA!!

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