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Webinar 210 Hard Anodized pistons

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I was wondering if there is any information about durability and PTW adjustments for Hard anodized pistons?

Also a suggestion to put all Webinar based questions in separate folders for each webinar, would make them much easier to find and probably less duplicate questions I would think!



Hard anodising is most often employed as a coating to the ring grooves as it allows tighter clearance to the rings and reduces the chances of micro welding which you'd see without this treatment. It can be applied to the piston skirts too however it results in a very hard surface with a degree of roughness that can actually cause wear to the bores which is why it is often used in conjunction with an anti-friction coating over the top. Ultimately the PTW clearance can be affected by some coatings that are designed to wear but the manufacturer will be able to guide you with this.

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