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Webinar 236| Drag racing data analysis

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Is it possible to get a list of variables (Possibly in excel format) which HPA uses for acquisition for test discussed during todays webinar? Also if possible with acquisition rates for various sensors.Thanks.

Hey Vikrant, that's a little tricky to answer as the channels we monitor are so dependent on the vehicle and the budget. For example I'd love to have coolant pressure and individual cylinder on every drag engine I tune but that's just not always feasible. Generally the key channels such as RPM, MAP, TPS etc that move quickly should be logged at 20-25 Hz (you can log faster than this but there's usually little to be gained). Slower moving channels such as IAT and ECT can be logged at 1-5 Hz. If you're logging shock pots then these need to be logged at 200-250 Hz to get data that's suitable for generating shock velocity histograms.

The sensors we'd like to have on engines being pushed to the limit would include EGT, EMAP, Turbo Speed, Coolant Pressure, Individual Cylinder Lambda. You may also want to log compressor inlet and outlet tmeps and pressures as this can give you some data points relating to turbo efficiency.


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