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Webinar 59 fuel pressure regulator

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Hello i installed a fuel pressure regulator with a fuel pressure sensor.

As Andre said in the webinar, fuel pressure should be set with engine on and in the Link g4x ecu help file says it must be set with engine off. I guess the second option is valuable as long as the battery is in good condition, no??

My 2nd question is what should be the fuel pressure when fuel pump is on and then off?

I have 300kpa when ignition on and when i turn ignition off

Fuel pressure goes straight down to 220kpa and slowly to 0 after a couple of seconds. Is thos normal?


You can only set the fuel pressure when the fuel pump is running. For stand-alone ECU you can sometimes force this with a test mode, when the engine isn't running. Otherwise, you have to have the engine running, but disconnect any pressure line going to the fuel pressure regulator.

If you are not going to have the engine running, you are right, you need to have a good battery, or have a battery charger connected.

Whether the drop in fuel pressure is normal is a function of the fuel pump / system. Some have check valves to keep some pressure in the fuel rail, but some don't. Your is behaving like no check valve -- is that normal?-- it depends.

Yes link ecu, I used the fuel pump test so the pump was always on and set it to 300kpa.

So the pressure drop is not something to worry about then?

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