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Webinar 92 - fuel pump pwm frequency

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Hey guys,

There's a talk in the webinar about newer design cars running pwm on fuel pump. I had this on my motorcycle, with returnless fuel supply.

Do we know what base frequency are these operated at? Or at least a ballpark. :)


Bump :)

I think you will find this will be between 50 and 1000 hz. You would normally test this to determine the best flow control and resolution for your particular pump. In theory higher frequency should work better, but you really need to test to make sure the pump can start with your desired frequency.

If I were using an OEM pump, I would test the stock system (using an oscilloscope) to determine what frequency and duty cycle range was used before implementing it in a standalone ECU.

Hi David,

Thanks for replying. Yes, I agree that oscilloscope could help. I was primarily thinking of a retrofit, so I have no values to start with. 50Hz to 1kHz certainly puts me in the ballpark. Thanks

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