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Hi Guys,

I have a topic to request for a webinar - how to make up braided lines for fuel and oil etc. I know it seems simple to people that have done it a few times, but it can be a fiddly job and getting pricked by the stainless braid the first time out is quite annoying. Maybe a straight-forward how to, with some tips for hose types (e.g. Teflon hose to prevent E85 smell etc) might be received very well.


could "pad" it a little bit by covering recommended filter micron ratings etc. eh 100 micron pre pump and 10 micron post for efi etc.

to hijack a little bit, i wouldn't mind a series of webinars that go into the details of tuning cars for a specific use. ie running rich in over run on circuit cars to keep temps down etc.

but Matt's idea would follow on nicely from the flex tuning and engine building courses.

Hey Matt and Joshua, thanks for the ideas. I'll give it some thought.

as someone looking to do fuel modifications I would also appreciate a webinar on the fuel lines etc.

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