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Webinar request- motec paddle shift

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as above buddy... sorry to just throw everything at you. Just really looking to educate myself as I am tempted to add this to my project

We will do our best to add something around this when we can. Until then I'd suggest you have a look at this webinar:

It's actually about a manually shifted sequential however there is some mention of paddle shifted systems, and some of the data logging we look at is from an M150 with paddle shift.

I'm currently writing a MoTeC M1 Paddle shift manual that will cover the setup of the system. I aim to have it finished by the end of the week, and then it will be checked and reviewed prior to release.

Yes I have watched that one, thanks. I will review it again before I go through the process. There was some paddle shift specific questions that I had in mind in the way the actuator works in regards to preloading the gear before shifting etc. Honestly I don't think paddleshift is something I need in a hurry for my application and I am sure i can add it in the future no worries.

No major rush buddy ;)