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Webinars with different ECUs to mine

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Hi folks,

I've been viewing some of the webinars and really enjoying the learning experience. I was wondering though, is there any point in watching webinars with different ECU systems to my own? For example, the Turbo Tuning on Motec M1, should I watch that if I have a Link? There does seem to be webinars that repeat on the different ECUs, the Cold Start one for example.

I'll happily sit down and watch them all but I think my wife will worry I've a secret attraction to Andre!!

A pleasant good day to you.

I'm sure that either Andre or Ben will follow this up with you, but until they do I can advise you that the learning content had been focused on the core concepts of electronic engine management strategies. By that I mean that the core steps will be the same regardless of the brand of ECU you are working with. Of course, the content has to be delivered with a specific ECU, and as such the given ECU may have either a slightly different way of executing a task or perhaps the menus might use different terminology but the core functionality should be the same.

Having said this, if the steps vary vastly different to the ECU you are using then please feel free to use this forum as a resource to have the appropriate guidance. I won't worry to much about getting your post spot on, just explain yourself as best as you can and the forum member will respond with either directions or follow up questions to get a better picture of what you are seeing. You may also upload calibration files, data logs and even screen shots to better explain yourself.

I hope that you continue to enjoy your learning experience here, cheers!

The webinars will still be useful to you, even if the specific ECU may differ.

There's two aspects to consider:

1. Regardless of the ECU platform, typically the fundamental principles (what we're trying to achieve and how we're trying to achieve it) remain the same. This means there's a lot to learn regardless.

2. In the world of standalone ECUs particularly, there's only so many ways you can achieve a specific aim. This means that for a certain function there's often a very close similarity between the way the function is controlled. Sure the menus or parameters might have different names but if you understand the fundamentals (refer point 1 above), you can usually apply this to a different brand of ECU.

Finally as sardengineering mentioned, the forum is always here if you have further questions.

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