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description file

WinOLS Mastery: Map Identification & Editing

Relevant Module: WinOLS Practical Skills > Finding and Defining Maps - 2D Maps

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where did i get the description files from bosch because i want to know how to get factor offset 4 please let me know.

the main thing i dont understand how we get the factor and offsets to identify the axis data or map values..please explain

Unfortunately getting hold of description files is often not easy, particularly for newer controllers. Bosch don't exactly make these available for public access. For older controllers where the information is a bit more common, your best bet would be on some of the dedicated chip tuning forums. We don't intend to try offering description/A2L files as it's beyond our capacity. Having said that if you have a specific controller you're working with, let us know what map you're trying to define and maybe attach a screen shot of the raw values and we'll try to help. Also make sure you check the scaling factors cheat sheet that is included in the course.

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