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Options for data logging

WinOLS Mastery: Map Identification & Editing

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Hi Andre,

So in the course you spoke about the importance of data logging when tuning vehicles with winols.

What you did not touch on was what third party fully fledged OBD2 logging packages are available? I am considering Kess as my read/write interface... unfortunately Alien tech does not provide a logging suite.

From your interaction with the fully fledged chip tuners while making this course, can you recommend any single product that can log a wide variety of cars? I've been looking for this solution for some time and unable to find something equivalent to evoscan or romraider that can be a universal product capable of doing a multitude of cars.

The software also needs to be able to take input from say a serial stream similar to evoscan or romraider so that wideband data can be pulled in and create a merged log file with OBD2 + Third party wideband data.

I've resorted to trying to do it he above with my innovate LM2, but open to better alternatives.

Hi Christopher, the short answer is no. I don't believe you'll find a single 'one size fits all' product as each have their strengths and weaknesses. I've been using bflash and found their logging support is very good, particularly for newer controllers. On the other hand it falls short for the likes of the MED9.1 in our MK5 Golf as it doesn't log knock levels. HP Tuners VCM Scanner is actually a pretty good solution for most late model cars although on cars they don't offer tuning support for the available PIDs are often limited.

I haven't really seen the need for integrating an external wideband as most of the european vehicles run LSU wideband sensors and run full time closed loop.

Thank you for the response Andre. I'll go with the VCM scanner and see how that goes for now.

For cars that I cannot log what the OEM knock activity is doing, do you think putting stand alone knock detection on is a viable alternative? This should tell you if you've gone too far with the ignition timing because in order for the OEM system to do anything in terms of knock control, the engine must first knock...which will be detected by the likes of the Plex knock monitor.

Yes absolutely. Audio knock detection is still my recommended method for ECUs without knock control or where you can't otherwise log knock levels.

@chris1388 - I have had fair success logging unsupported vehicles with the HP Tuners VCM Scanner software (free download and part of the VCM Suite). I have found it works well on older Fords from 1998-is to 2006-ish as well as VW. You can connect devices (typically a wideband) through an RS-232 to USB adapter and datalog them directly into the VCM scanner software which is great for comparison side-by-side of other data (ignition timing, knock, etc.). My experience is that VCM scanner is the best application in the market for datalogging an OEM ECU. The MPVI3 generally runs about $400 and you will find other tuning uses for it as well.

If you are of the adventurous type (or just cheap) go to Ali express and look at the MPM device. I would not log into your bank account from any laptop that is using the MPM device. I also wouldn't try writing any ECU with the MPM.

@Andre/HPA - I am working through the canbus course right now. My purpose for going through this course was to decide on a datalogging solution as an alternative or in addition to the HP Tuners VCM Scanner.

-I considered the AutoTuner device and bFlash but I think I will be disappointed when I compare them to VCM Scanner.

-It seems autotuner and bFlash datalogging is only designed for a dyno pull in the range of seconds. I think it needs to be internet/cloud connected as well?

-I like to drive on the street and get 5-10 or even 20 minutes of datalog information.

-Plus, I have already invested in tools from Magic Motorsport and Alientech.

In light of this, what CAN data software will get me closest to a VCM scanner like datalogging interface?

I plan to use the Tactrix device and SavvyCAN for a hardware and data capture solution as mentioned on this thread - Interface and Debugging Tools (hpacademy.com)

I have used AutoTuner to log before, and indeed it needs to be connected to the internet and logs for a short amount of time, like 2-3 mins if I remember correctly

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