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VW MK5 example?

WinOLS Mastery: Map Identification & Editing

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I am at the "Configuring WinOLS" module, and when I open my demo I do not have any demo files. I have jumped around in some modules to see if you have posted the VW file and have not found it listed below. Can we please get it posted here so I can continue.

I have attached a screenshot of the default folder, as well i have searched any folder i have found on my PC.

Thank you.

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what are you trying to do? you need to import the stock read of the car. I tried to upload the stock file that he is using but it will not allow me to. leave me your email. I might have a full mappack for it too

I'm trying to follow along with the modules, I have WinOLS v5 Demo, but I cant follow along without the file. I don't know if WinOLS or HPA was supposed to supply it. Id like to move forward with the learning. I see a couple posts down another seems to also have a similar issue with not having the MK5 file for the course to follow.


Thank you

Hi Stephen, apologies for the confusion. I'll get the team to add the file to that module however you can download it from this module (https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/winols-mastery-map-identification-and-editing/winols-practical-skills-finding-and-defining-maps-2d-maps) so that you can work along side the configuration module. You'll find the file at the bottom if you scroll down.

I hope that helps.

Stephen Wilson i emailed you the stock file for the course.

Thank you both Andre and Brian!

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