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Student Reviews

Our students love our courses, rating them an average 4.8 stars. Read the most recent reviews from all our courses below, which we've published without filtering or editing in any way.

  • Rhys's profile image
    Rhys, Albany, April 2021

    Buy it, honestly they just get better and better.
  • Partick's profile image
    Partick, Chino Hills, April 2021

    I came into the course thinking I would know most of the material. I signed up anyway with the thinking if I learned only one thing that saved me a mistake in the field, the course would have paid for itself. I learned more than a few things less than half way through, and I love the way the information is provided.
  • Don's profile image
    Don, Atco, April 2021

    Easy to understand, moves at a calm steady pace and gives you useable information.
  • John's profile image
    John, , April 2021

    This course is so valuable to understand tuning.Even if you don’t tune but are wanting to have your car tuned. To protect your investment and make an educated choice on your tune. So much valuable information.
  • Adam's profile image
    Adam, Miami, April 2021

    Good general way to get intrigued into the world of standalone tuning...... like a gateway drug into the world of engine tuning LoL. I am very novice and I haven't tuned a vehicle yet but I ordered the original course with HPAcademy a few years ago as a supplement to the AEM Series 2 pnp ECU I ordered for my vehicle a few years back. Overall 5 Stars based on effort and just overall package provided.
  • Mike's profile image
    Mike, Jacksonville, April 2021

    Amazing information and easy to understand.
  • Carlosbercy's profile image
    Carlosbercy, Bercianos del Páramo, April 2021

    Perfect beginning for understanding every thing you need to know before trying to understand EFI. :)
  • Connor's profile image
    Connor, Morinville, April 2021

    Very easy to follow! would be nice to see a 4g63 ;)
  • Caleb's profile image
    Caleb, Greeneville, April 2021

    Just amazing in depth course plenty of helpful hints ++
  • Bryan's profile image
    Bryan, Milton Keynes, April 2021

    Best course available, very detailed , everything to get you up and tuning!
  • Bradley's profile image
    Bradley, Castries, April 2021

    This was the best decision i ever made.
  • Alex's profile image
    Alex, Athens, April 2021

    Great course to get involved in engine building.
  • Michal's profile image
    Michal, Poland, April 2021

    The course is great in terms of meritocrasy, nowhere I found such knowledge-filled courses.
  • Daniel's profile image
    Daniel, Germany, April 2021

    Translating subtitles into German would be great. because you often have to use Google to be irreplaceable. With English as bad as I do and most Germans have that helpful.
  • Jean-Pierre's profile image
    Jean-Pierre, Vacoas, April 2021

    The courses are very interesting. Very good teacher.
  • Jad's profile image
    Jad, Dubai, April 2021

    Course outline is clear and concise. Tutor carefully and thoroughly explained the processes required to build an engine and the reasons behind each step. Very detailed.
  • Reyes's profile image
    Reyes, Aruba, April 2021

    This is the best!
  • George's profile image
    George, Athens, April 2021

    Courses are great for those who like to get into tuning or enrich their knowledge on tuning with great support.
  • Bowen's profile image
    Bowen, Coromandel, April 2021

    Learnt a lot from this course, would recommend it to anyone on the edge of wanting more in depth information in the matter.
  • Ahmed's profile image
    Ahmed, Doha, April 2021

    It's very informative where u can learn & understand the tuning fundamental in very professional way.
  • Alec's profile image
    Alec, Edmonton, April 2021

    I've already built multiple engines and even with my knowledge and experience I have learned lots from this course to build higher performance engines as well as refined my previous abilities.
  • Josh's profile image
    Josh, Fultonville, April 2021

    Great information tuning isn’t the easiest thing for me to follow but course gives me the confidence that i can do it. Im more of a hands on kinda guy but i can follow the course. That said I believe course is very well thought out and put together.
  • John's profile image
    John, Auckland, April 2021

    Provides good basics to build your knowledge upon.
  • Ryan's profile image
    Ryan, Wollongong, April 2021

    Very informative and easy to understand.
  • Laron's profile image
    Laron, Bridgetown, April 2021

    It's a very good tool for those into this type of thing.
  • Frank's profile image
    Frank, Perth, April 2021

    Very detailed, great reminder for even me as a mechanic.
  • Shwaybs's profile image
    Shwaybs, , April 2021

    The course content is comprehensive.. It will shade light to the most significant parts of what you require to understand and deal with wiring related issues.
  • Radu's profile image
    Radu, Pitești, April 2021

    Hi! I appreciate your dedication for transmitting the message slow and clear! God bless you all.
  • Gregory's profile image
    Gregory, Mandurah, April 2021

    Yes learned a lot and Nick mentioned intake air area, Re MAP sensor. Looks like my area is twice what a stock intake is which is probably one big problem I need to address. Thanks HP Academy and Nick. Enjoyed this very much.
  • Ryan's profile image
    Ryan, Christchurch, April 2021

    "It is comprehensive and you can keep coming back to refresh your memory. Do it!!"
  • Ansel's profile image
    Ansel, Trinidad, April 2021

    Informative and very well laid out easy to understand.
  • Carlos's profile image
    Carlos, Brooklyn, April 2021

    Everything in this course is absolutely fundamental.
  • Anonymous's profile image
    Anonymous, Montana, April 2021

    It is very in depth without being confusing for even a novice.
  • Donovan's profile image
    Donovan, Wolverhampton, April 2021

    HPAcademy has lots of brilliant content even for people like me who has no qualifications in the automotive world, just a love for cars, but i have built my own honda k24/k20 build. Thanks to hp academy's courses i wouldnt have been able to complete the build , also i have a total understanding of everything i have done. I reccommended this to anyone who wants to be able to do it and do it properly.
  • Mohamed's profile image
    Mohamed, Cairo, April 2021

    Buy it. Excellent course.
  • Chad's profile image
    Chad, Cashmere, April 2021

    If you are into vehicles and the performance of vehicles then this is the perfect course for you. I absolutely love my HP Academy courses I'm learning so much!
  • Jason's profile image
    Jason, Batemans Bay, March 2021

    "As an intermediate level road tuner I am always searching for reliable information to expand my tuning knowledge and further improve my skills to provide the best tune possible for my customers.

    There is a lot of misinformation and half-truths on the internet which can often be misleading and potentially dangerous. Over the past couple of years I have completed a total of five online tuning courses through HP Academy with the most recent being their Practical Diesel Tuning course.

    As with all the HP Academy courses I had completed before, the Practical Diesel Tuning course was very clear, concise and the material was presented in a very easy to understand format. Predominately my experience has been with petrol engines and although I was not completely new to tuning diesel engines, I was able to take a great deal away from this course. HP Academy's methodical approach to engine tuning and the HPA 5 Step Process removes the guess work out of tuning and provides you the tuner with the knowledge and ability to provide the best possible outcome for you and your customers.
  • Bill's profile image
    Bill, , March 2021

    Some of the best training available.
  • John's profile image
    John, Sydney, March 2021

    Well, Excellent Teacher, short modules with a very logical layout, might not be absolutely suitable for me (66 years old) trying to get some know how to hopefully not blow up my1000hp + Single turbo 502 chevy in attempting to get a safe tune...
  • Jared's profile image
    Jared, Gaithersburg, March 2021

    Very detailed, not too long, has a lot of critical tips! Would recommend for any new or experienced engine builder!
  • Dennis's profile image
    Dennis, Chicago, March 2021

    Already bought it! Every course I've taken has been outstanding, the information is head and shoulders above anything else I've found.
  • Kenzo's profile image
    Kenzo, Los Angeles, March 2021

    I appreciate the attention to detail. This course is fundamentally sound, and practical for an aspiring engine builder.
  • David's profile image
    David, Budapest, March 2021

    I'd love the videos content, and that is so much in here.
  • Lue's profile image
    Lue, Alexandria, March 2021

    I can take the time to learn the basic and fundamentals at my own pace.
  • Liam's profile image
    Liam, Orange, March 2021

    Absolutely awesome beginners course
  • Niisan's profile image
    Niisan, Sydney, March 2021

    Not a hard decision to make all their courses are great and a good bang for your buck.
  • Ross's profile image
    Ross, Newcastle, March 2021

    Comprehensive intro to EFI. Well worth it.
  • David's profile image
    David, St. Georges, March 2021

    I recommend this course to anyone aspiring to tune engines and having a basic knowledge of physics and maths, this course has much to offer. It takes you from the basics to advanced in a logical approach. Very good.
  • Daniel's profile image
    Daniel, Yokohama, March 2021

    This course help me a lot very precise info and much easier to understand i was able to reach better goes.
  • Neil's profile image
    Neil, Philadelphia, March 2021

    It’s a good review before getting into the process of tuning an ecu via software. Always good to make sure your understand the fundamentals.
  • Som's profile image
    Som, , March 2021

    Extremely informative. Knowledge shared is something literally no one will reveal. THIS COURSE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY.
  • Chris's profile image
    Chris, Moriarty, March 2021

    I would recommend to any one just starting to tune to invest in this course. Easy to follow along and packed full of great information.
  • Jorge's profile image
    Jorge, Fullerton, March 2021

    I just bought it and feel excited. This is an investment worth every dollar.
  • Ryan's profile image
    Ryan, , March 2021

    If your wanting to start tuning this course is highly recommended.
  • Trey's profile image
    Trey, Lawrenceville, March 2021

    I love the information and the fact I can come back anytime.
  • Jose's profile image
    Jose, Carolina, March 2021

    Very interesting información Very essay to understand help me to tune may on racing car. Thanks HP Academy.
  • Perdo's profile image
    Perdo, Ericeira, March 2021

    Very complete course! Details well explained!
  • Grant's profile image
    Grant, New York, March 2021

    Very in depth, be prepared to gain lots of knowledge!!!!!
  • Greg's profile image
    Greg, Chicago, March 2021

    Very informative and professional!
  • Carl's profile image
    Carl, Moen, March 2021

    Simple step by step explanation, complete, universal, i am very happy with my purchase and never regret it.
  • Moataz's profile image
    Moataz, Alexandria, March 2021

    Very useful wen u get through different ecu &engines types.
  • Larry's profile image
    Larry, Atlanta, March 2021

    Easy to follow just enough information per module.
  • Kyran's profile image
    Kyran, Nashville, March 2021

    Gives great knowledge to those learning how to tune.
  • Ray's profile image
    Ray, Stanley, March 2021

    Easy to follow, clear explanations & good pacing.
  • Daniel's profile image
    Daniel, Jackson, March 2021

    I have been through basic and advanced electrical courses for Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen manufacture training and was hesitant to get the wiring fundamentals course cause i thought it may be too basic. As of now i'm already halfway through it and learning some very useful information i need as i have started my own motorsports shop after leaving the dealership world i will definitely be buying more courses in the future.
  • Bill's profile image
    Bill, Waxahachie, March 2021

    Andre has it down! Very good class for the MegaSquirt.
  • Sajid's profile image
    Sajid, , March 2021

    Nice, can we get certification after completing course.
  • Kyle's profile image
    Kyle, Ottawa, March 2021

    This is a fantastic learning resource to get started in electrical repair or modification with motorsports.
  • Cam's profile image
    Cam, Taranaki, March 2021

    This is not just a course but an investment into your own personal skill set which to me and a lot of others is priceless, its a small price to pay for the knowledge you gain from this course, highly recommend.
  • John's profile image
    John, Richmond, March 2021

    This is the only way for an enthusiast to learn how to properly learn EFI tuning. There are no other ways to learn efficient with all the information. so i had to purchase the service so i can pursue my dream of becoming a performance engine tuner.
  • Sofie's profile image
    Sofie, Kuala Lumpur, March 2021

    For those whom knows basic of electrical and mechanical , with this course it be beneficial for to be a complete 'know how' on cars. It is a straightforward courses without taking consideration the issue that you will be facing while tuning either its electrical or mechanical , reason its best equip self with this two discipline. However I still find is a good course.
  • Eddie's profile image
    Eddie, Charlotte, March 2021

    Great tool for beginners gives some base knowledge to work with.
  • Santiago's profile image
    Santiago, Calgary, March 2021

    Excellent course.
  • Stephen's profile image
    Stephen, Portland, March 2021

    Best platform on market Garbz'z Garage.
  • Alexandre's profile image
    Alexandre, Nieuwstadt, March 2021

    Maybe the best place to learn how to tune cars solid knowledge is shared and easy to understand.
  • Colin's profile image
    Colin, Sunshine Coast, March 2021

    The information provided with the HPA courses is invaluable as both a learning and reference tool. I couldn't recommend HPA high enough.
  • Rajeev's profile image
    Rajeev, Durban, March 2021

    All courses are detailed and step by step.. Excellent for all types of users, especially novice!
  • Jason's profile image
    Jason, Wisbech, March 2021

    Superb course explains everything very clearly
  • Sam's profile image
    Sam, Atlanta, March 2021

    EFI Tuning Fundamental is a great easy to follow resource for leaning for the first time or for referencing when working on a project.
  • Guidotuned's profile image
    Guidotuned, North Queensland, March 2021

    Bought this course a few years ago, but love coming back to it every now and then to find more aftermarket ECU's added
  • Tinko's profile image
    Tinko, Dobritch, March 2021

    i used it as a step by step guide when building my wiring harness for my track car. wihthout the course i wouldnt have switched over to an aftermarket ecu
  • Garth's profile image
    Garth, Trinidad, March 2021

    When I start to show interest in engines i didnt had a clue but this course has helped me to have a clearer understanding of how the engines suppose to work. Great course
  • Terry's profile image
    Terry, Sunshine Coast, March 2021

    Great introduction to diesel tuning. Teaches you the basics and leaves you with the right information to speak the same language as your tuner or dip your feet in yourself. As always delivered in nice bite sized sections and easy to understand. Defiantly worth the buy.
  • Joseph's profile image
    Joseph, Maryland, March 2021

    Very informative very understanding and very step-by-step
  • Jason's profile image
    Jason, Bend, February 2021

    Wish it was around sooner! I've easily wasted enough money on purchasing the wrong crimpers and other tools that I could have used to cover this course.
  • Mark's profile image
    Mark, Atlanta, February 2021

    It’s worth the money, trust me. I searched the internet for solid info. Lots of misleading information. I have repaired multiple makes of diesels as a result of bad tuning.
  • William's profile image
    William, Rexburg ID, February 2021

    Best decision i ever made with this training i can now follow my dreams as a engine tuner 10 outta 10 at least
  • Stanley's profile image
    Stanley, Palm Beach Gardens, February 2021

    Best course on the market
  • Silvio's profile image
    Silvio, George Town, February 2021

    Course is very detailed and introduces critical points at each stage.
  • Iordanis's profile image
    Iordanis, Veria, February 2021

    I have reflashed enough Honda's and a couple of Subaru's based on these courses and everything seems to work and perform excellent !!!
  • William's profile image
    William, Amherst, February 2021

    Loads of information from people who have actually built proper race cars and worked on race teams, it has been worth every dollar spent.
  • Aslam's profile image
    Aslam, Johannesburg, February 2021

    Comprehensive, in depth and simple to understand. This course makes it easier to grasp the concepts of afr and apply it to any engine!
  • Neil's profile image
    Neil, Tauranga, February 2021

    Great Course. Especially for slow learners like me as you can go back and re watch something again if it did not quite sink in the first time around.
  • Daniel's profile image
    Daniel, Tampa, February 2021

    I have worked at several different dealerships and with numerous different brands and i still find the information in this course informative, and interesting even if just a refresher
  • Tommy's profile image
    Tommy, Adelaide, February 2021

    This course has helped me build on the fundementals course information and enabled me to design and build my own engine harnesses
  • Rene's profile image
    Rene, Boston, February 2021

    lots of great information!!
  • Jesse's profile image
    Jesse, Gold Coast, February 2021

    Great info, and the video showing how he actually does it is great.
  • Brian's profile image
    Brian, Ontario, February 2021

    Great help would strongly recommend.
  • Pedro's profile image
    Pedro, Springfield, February 2021

    It really goes into depth in most aspects. Others are a life experience that can't be taught but only thru experience you will learn. Great base to start.
  • Chris's profile image
    Chris, Chesapeake, February 2021

    Good information delivered in a clear logical format and proven through practical demonstrations. Worth every penny if you want to learn.
  • Ian's profile image
    Ian, Auckland, February 2021

    I recommend this course to anyone that wants to gain knowledge in motorsport wiring. Whether it be at a club level or higher end motorsport then these 3 wiring courses are definitely the way to go
  • Ahmed's profile image
    Ahmed, Bahrain, February 2021

    Getting this course really helped me and gave me the confidence to start tuning, I've bought a car with Haltech Platinum 2000 and using this course I've started the car and tuned it with no tuning or mechanical background whatsoever.
  • Krupar's profile image
    Krupar, Hayesville, February 2021

    Courses are very thorough and informative. Bought a package and ended up buying more courses after I finished the first ones. I haven’t taken this many notes since high school lol! Ive been around cars all my life and have learned soooo much taking this course. I very highly recommend them.
  • Seth's profile image
    Seth, Hudsonville, February 2021

    This course has been incredibly helpful and taught me a ton!
  • Malcolm's profile image
    Malcolm, Kariong, February 2021

    Best one stop tuning education you can get online.
    Professionally organised scientific method from fundamental principles to practical step by step guided lessons.
  • Giovanni's profile image
    Giovanni, Miami, February 2021

    Just finished 2 courses out of 6 purchased and I already have an amazing foundation on EFI . I Cannot wait to complete all 6.
  • Justin's profile image
    Justin, New York, February 2021

    Excellent walkthrough of what you need to do, why you need to do it, how you can do it yourself, what can go wrong, and how to fix the problems along the way.
  • James's profile image
    James, Perth, February 2021

    All the knowledge you could ever need to work on your own vehicle with confidence!
  • Werner's profile image
    Werner, Pretoria, February 2021

    This course is excellent, it's so much more in depth than I thought it would be.
  • Phillip's profile image
    Phillip, Riverside, February 2021

    The best course for learning how to tune. Watching the worked examples gave me the confidence to start tuning my own car.
  • Marius's profile image
    Marius, Saarbrücken, February 2021

    I was unsure if this course is worth it's money because i already collected quite some knowledge. Actually it took my knowledge to the next level and i feel very encouraged to gain experience in work on cars i never did before. Support via E-Mail is phenomenal too.
  • William's profile image
    William, Spring Hill, February 2021

    lots of great information, every time i go back to refresh the course i always pick up something new that i need to hear before. i highly recommend anyone interested to take a shot at it. If anything you are gaining knowledge.
  • Derek's profile image
    Derek, Tennessee, February 2021

    These courses are filled with an incredible amount of knowledge. I have been a mechanic for 20 years and have learned quite a bit in engine building and tuning that I either overlooked or just didn’t know. Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to take a few notes.
  • Chad's profile image
    Chad, Wenatchee, February 2021

    I absolutely love learning about the techniques of tuning. There are so many untrained/uncertfied tuners out there because of unavailable resources/ training. Now there is!!! Now should be no more excuses for bad tunings
  • Zach's profile image
    Zach, Whitecourt, February 2021

    VERY INFORMATIVE, ive been learning so much every day! Couldnt be more satisfied with everything!
  • Justin's profile image
    Justin, , February 2021

    So far I have learned more from your courses than 2 blocks of motive power in person.
  • ILIAS's profile image
    ILIAS, Athens, February 2021

    Very informative courses,wide range of knowladge is covered,small tricks of calculation of different values is very helpfull and even the way Andrew is speaking and explaning things is very easy to understand even if someone doesn't have exellent comand of english
  • Kenian's profile image
    Kenian, Auckland, February 2021

    love the course - very informative and easy to understand for your average joe with no major professional experience
  • Alexander's profile image
    Alexander, Borgloon, February 2021

    I'm learning a lot during the courses. There is a perfect balance to the information you need en why you need it.
  • Keith's profile image
    Keith, Brentwood, February 2021

    an absolute must from a total beginner to a pro , every day is a school day
  • Faustino's profile image
    Faustino, Buenos Aires, February 2021

    Very detailed explanation aboyt every topic, but i would love to have a written pdf
  • Joao's profile image
    Joao, Lisbon, February 2021

    Great information! If you want to learn just take the course. You won't regret it!!
  • Corinne's profile image
    Corinne, Malta, February 2021

    Very well explained, excellent support! I would highly recommend it :) Thank you HP Academy
  • Luis's profile image
    Luis, Manatí, February 2021

    This course is very complete and easy to follow, I learnt a lot about the EFI tuning, how a motor work, and how the ECU calculates the necessary coefficient for its function.
  • Joe's profile image
    Joe, Northampton, February 2021

    Couldn't be easier to understand for beginer
  • Matt's profile image
    Matt, Ohio, February 2021

    so clear and helpful
  • Marcus's profile image
    Marcus, Pasadena, February 2021

    This is an extremely approachable, step by step process to tune...it's well worth the money if you're looking to learn the process and to get it up and running.
  • Quentin's profile image
    Quentin, Tarpon Springs, February 2021

    Great foundation for understanding how an engine operates, how air and fuel interact in an engine, and the aspects that a tuner should learn from this course to tune an engine safely.
  • David's profile image
    David, Ballarat, February 2021

    very informative
  • Suhas's profile image
    Suhas, Bangalore, February 2021

    Knowing CAN protocol and the way it operates is an essential skill to have. If you Know the basics of CAN, you can talk to different parts of your car like calling your friend over a cell phone. I being an electronics engineer myself, I'm glad to have this course. I feel this course is very well presented which can definitely help develop your skills on can communication.
  • Francis's profile image
    Francis, Barbados, February 2021

    This is a great course. Coming from a gasoline background quite a lot of misconceptions were cleared up. A few more worked examples would help solidify everything.
  • Mason's profile image
    Mason, Bozeman, February 2021

    love you guys
  • Philippos's profile image
    Philippos, Cyprus, February 2021

    very Hight level courses and support
  • Kev's profile image
    Kev, Geelong, February 2021

    Well explained and illustrated
  • Zach's profile image
    Zach, Hampton, February 2021

    very informative, would have liked to see some worked examples on stock turbo cars but none the less great course.
  • Loqy's profile image
    Loqy, Jakarta, February 2021

    Easy to understand
  • Jose's profile image
    Jose, Japan, February 2021

    Great course for those who have a strong background in EFI concept fundamentals. Would like to see more software platforms such as MS3-Pro, Power FC, ECMLink...
  • Tate's profile image
    Tate, Kingston, February 2021

    the presenter is excellent
  • Salman's profile image
    Salman, Nairobi, February 2021

    Definitely go for it
  • Allan's profile image
    Allan, Namibia, February 2021

    Using this courses will make you tuning live easier.
  • Deshawn's profile image
    Deshawn, Singapore, February 2021

    very helpful and detailed
  • Scott's profile image
    Scott, Sydney, February 2021

    With so much discussion about CAN communication but so little useful information out there, this course certainly shows the ropes,
  • Jordan's profile image
    Jordan, Thessaloniki, February 2021

    keep up the good work!!!
  • Dean's profile image
    Dean, Toronto, February 2021

    At this point i am still building up parts for Honda Civic build so can't say have actually used for skills i am learning. .But in saying that i can relate to a lot information ...
  • Lester's profile image
    Lester, Windhoek, February 2021

    Knowledge is power.
    Excellent work Guys.
  • Scott's profile image
    Scott, Fraser, February 2021

    This course has a ton of information and is extremely detailed. Also very easy to follow along
  • Somaiah's profile image
    Somaiah, Bangalore, February 2021

    Value for money.
  • Jake's profile image
    Jake, Clearfield, February 2021

    Very learner friendly, easy to navigate, and can learn at your own pace with lifetime access.
  • Tom's profile image
    Tom, Brisbane, February 2021

    I really enjoyed the clear thorough individually labelled modules that are setup in a way where you're able to revisit anything you're unsure about at a later date instead of having to sift through hours of videos to find correct information on something that this way takes 10 seconds.
  • Layne's profile image
    Layne, Leduc, February 2021

    Very informative. Even with already having a very good understanding of things it still teaches me alot
  • Nuno's profile image
    Nuno, Porto, February 2021

    Information arranged in a very clear and timely manner
  • Moataz's profile image
    Moataz, Alexandria, February 2021

    best course even to improve your knowledge about cars ecus data analysis and know more details
  • Alex's profile image
    Alex, Seattle, February 2021

    The worked examples are 10/10 and they helped me get over my tuning anxiety haha. FlexFuel rotary Adaptronic additions would be nice!
  • Wayne's profile image
    Wayne, Shakopee, February 2021

    Not many companies have taken the time to teach CANBus and all the intricacies. The tech dive is great! That is why I became a VIP member!
  • Spencer's profile image
    Spencer, Nashville, February 2021

    Provides lots of knowledge
  • Ad's profile image
    Ad, Perth, February 2021

    A professionally presented set of videos (course) in a detailed and easy to understand format. Anyone who is considering any wiring project on their vehicles (or other hobby equipment) should seriousley look at purchasing this course.
  • Eric's profile image
    Eric, Mid-West, February 2021

    Worth every penny.
  • Aaron's profile image
    Aaron, Portland, February 2021

    The information is excellent and incredibly precise. I think the visual aids really complete the step by step logic being explained in the course material.
  • Brett's profile image
    Brett, Ramona, February 2021

    These courses are just plain awesome!
  • Glen's profile image
    Glen, Hoogstraten, February 2021

    good explanation of the different components
  • George's profile image
    George, Cyprus, February 2021

    Me and my wife we had bare knowledge for wiring and tuning.Now my wife is tuning by her self from the begin and i can design and make a Motorsport harness from scratch
  • Yogi's profile image
    Yogi, New York City, February 2021

    Well detailed
  • Sure's profile image
    Sure, Canberra, February 2021

    Very quick easy and professional time management is perfect
  • James's profile image
    James, Spartanburg, February 2021

    Methodical, clear presentation. Comprehensive content.
  • Daniel's profile image
    Daniel, Tampa, February 2021

    Amazing information to sharpen the mind specifically gearing towards a goal. Whether engine building or tuning or creating custom race harnesses, these courses have it all!!
  • Joseph's profile image
    Joseph, Hagerstown, February 2021

    It’s giving the most quality information that you can find an officer and you the ends and outs of the EFI world
  • Eric's profile image
    Eric, San Antonio, February 2021

    Extremely well presented course as usual from HP Academy. Tons of useful information explained in a very straight forward manner leaving little to be questioned.
  • Jason's profile image
    Jason, Bend, February 2021

    I wish I had signed-up for this course sooner. This would have saved me time and money; the process is methodical and takes the guessing out of what the best approach might be. The course provides great references for tools too! No more buying the wrong set of crimps!
  • Turbulence's profile image
    Turbulence, Antigua, February 2021

    Gets to the point!
  • Curtis's profile image
    Curtis, Trinidad and Tobago, February 2021

    One of the greatest I have seen

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