When Is It Time To Replace Your Air Filter?

Why is it so crucial to maintain your air filter? Well, it is the only barrier against airborne engine contamination! Yes, you read that correctly, it’s your diesel's N95 mask. Consider the compressor wheel of your turbo spinning at full speed while small dirt and debris is thrown at it, essentially creating a sandblasting effect to your compressor wheel. If that debris continues to flow downstream and make it past your intercooler, solutions are going to quickly become expensive!

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When Is It Time To Replace Your Air Filter?

When you drive with a dirty filter continually, it no longer allows the truck to breathe like it is meant to. Modern diesels depend on high amounts of clean air coming into the system to make power and maintain emissions standards. Some of the early signs of driving with a dirty air filter may be experiencing reduced power, lower than normal fuel economy, or you may see that check engine light pop on. These are all things that can be easily addressed if we just change or clean the air filter regularly.

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Air Filter Service Intervals

The filter-minder is a great tool to easily monitor when you need to change your air filter. The filter-minder measures vacuum in the intake system as, if there is a vacuum in the intake system, the turbo cannot do its job and you’re robbing the truck of power. Many aftermarket air filters will come with their own instructions for cleaning and suggested lifespan. In general, you should be changing your air filter every other oil change. If your diesel does not have a filter-minder, you’ll be doing a visual inspection of the filter more frequently but probably changing them in the same pattern.

Remember that when it comes to a properly working diesel truck, it’s all about fuel and air. Letting your engine breathe is one of the easiest things to maintain, you just have to remember to check it frequently and follow your filter maintenance guidelines!

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