How Rules Can Spark Innovation: Wet Sumps [TECH BYTE]

When it comes to lubrication for race engines, a dry-sump is undoubtedly the best choice, however some times rules or budget means it’s not an option.
Goodwood 3796
This is the situation Mountune faced when developing the Subaru FA20 engine for use in the British Touring Car Championship where the rules required retaining the factory wet sump.
Goodwood 3814
To give the best chance of being able to provide a high pressure supply of oil, a clever moving pickup is used. This swings inside the sump in response to the lateral and longitudinal g forces the car is being subjected to, meaning that it essentially follows the oil around the sump.
To prevent the oil running away from the pickup a baffle plate is used that incorporates rubber trap doors which allow oil to flow into the sump, but then close to prevent oil sloshing back out.
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This setup was a solution to 90% of the FA20’s oiling issues on track, however it was also backed up with an Accusump to give the engine the best chance possible of surviving.

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