094: What Makes This Record-Breaking Corvette So Fast? [PODCAST]

There’s no denying that the C6 Corvette is an excellent sports car platform, but it’s probably not the first option that many people reach for when looking to put together an ultra-competitive top-level time attack car. Feras Qartoumy clearly understands its potential, though. He’s not only built a competitive Corvette — he’s built an absolute monster that doesn’t just take podiums, it smashes plenty of outright lap records too.

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If you’ve been following time attack in the US at all, Feras Qartoumy is a name you’re probably already familiar with. Along with his trusty Corvette, Feras has set and reset many lap records on circuits around the US, consistently proving to be the man to beat.


In this episode, Feras first talks us through how he built up the skills he uses to build and improve his rapid Corvette, before diving into his racing history that started with karts and pro-touring muscle cars.


The sport of time attack is next on the table, as Feras breaks down the format, explaining how it all works and the differences between time attack in the US versus locations like Australia and Japan.


The conversation next dives deep into Feras’ dominating twin-turbo C6 Corvette. All aspects of the car are broken down and explained, from the powerplant to the suspension, to the aerodynamics package, and much more. Feras goes into an excellent amount of detail in explaining why he made the decisions he did when putting this build together, and just why he thinks the car is as fast as it is. To be clear, although this definitely isn’t a super cheap build, it’s also not an open-chequebook project either, and there’s some great insight in this episode when it comes to getting the most speed out of your dollar.


This conversation also covers the centrifugal blower vs turbo argument, building engines for time attack racing, motorsport traction control, how Feras fabricated his own aero package for the car, and a whole lot more. With the Corvette currently on its way to Sydney for this year’s World Time Attack Challenge, we’re looking forward to seeing just what this all-American record-breaking machine and its driver can accomplish on a world stage.

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