Hands On 1-on-1 EFI Training | Tune in Real Time, Any Time

There is one major hurdle that everyone battles with when learning to tune and that is taking those first steps and gaining hands-on experience for the very first time.

Here at HPA you can take 3 hands-on lessons which will take you from ‘zero’ to tuning your first engine in 60-days or less.

Online course and tuition without leaving the house for a fraction of the cost of on-site training is good enough for some alone, but it's really the ability to do this 1-on-1 with 100% of the tutor's attention on you and your learning that puts this type of training in a league of its own.

On top of that, you also have access to course material that you can reference for LIFE, not just some printed notes that end up getting lost every time you want to check them for specific information.

If you have any questions just send us an email or message and we'll get you pointing in the right direction for your individual tuning needs and goals.


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