18 to 32 PSI | Doubling Power With The Twist Of A Switch [TECH TOUR]

This is what a 500HP at 32 PSI Club Class Time Attack car looks like, and we like it

Check our the in-car race footage after the interview.

What is #MIVEC and what sort of boost control options help cars like the Evolution Racing Spares EVO 6 WTAC Club Class car pull out of the corners as fast as possible no matter the conditions.

Benjamin Perry of Benchmark Solutions runs us though the MoTeC controlled, BorgWarner Performance Aftermarket boosted, Kelford Cams equipped Micks Motorsport built cars features and some of the tuning strategies he's employed to get it around the World Time Attack Challenge circuit as fast as possible.

The 2.2L 4g63 puts power to the ground with the aid of a BorgWarner EFR7670 and via an H pattern Albins dog box. Andre and Benjamin discuss how the turbo is a little small for the engines capacity, turbo speeds and also how their boost by gear system works. Also discussed are the options the driver has on hand to increase or decrease boost according to application and conditions which can see the car operate between 265HP and 500HP by the twist of a dial.

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