3200HP+ RB Block With A 2JZ Twist | 100PSI of Boost, Bullet Race Engineering [TECH TALK]

With teams now pushing 100PSI of boost to hit power levels of 3200HP and more from existing setups, we’re excited to see what Bullet Race Engineerings new RB hybrid block can do.

Darren Palumbo is no stranger to Nissan RB26’s, RB30’s or Toyota 2JZ engines with Bullet Race Engineering having produced billet blocks for each many times over the years and using this knowledge the team has gone one step further to try and remove some of the weaknesses holding the RB back, specifically the crankshaft.

Traditionally more torsional twist occurs in an RB crank taking power away from the wheels by comparison to the 2JZ setup due to having a journal diameter that is 7mm smaller. Realising 2JZ main shells would fit into an RB configuration it was just a matter of adjustments to tunnel size, stud location and designing a crank to suit from there which has been done via a Callies Performance Products Ultra Billet range crankshaft using Timken alloy steel.

Along with these changes Bullet and Callies took the chance to make a few other changes including a longer snout with a greater diameter and wall thickness, bigger keyway and smaller big end journals which will take a Honda bearing shell helping to keep costs and parts sourcing for maintenance a little cheaper and easier. The flywheel flange has also increased in size by 10mm and gone from 6 to 8 bolts with the threads matching those used by many small and big block Chev flywheels, again just for easier sourcing of parts.

For now, the power limitation of the RB going forward now rests squarely on the current cylinder head which Bullet is also working on, but even before they are available it will be interesting to see what a difference these changes have made when it comes to getting the maximum amount of power to the ground as possible.

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