350z Body Panels in the Bin and Initial Dyno Run

After our initial inspection of the 350z it was clear most of it was destined for the rubbish dump, so the next logical step was to remove the damaged parts and get an expert in to see if the car could be straightened.

350z dyno run2

350z dyno run1

The front guards, bonnet and bumper all came off without too much trouble.

350z dyno run3

On a closer inspection the tail lights are also damaged, so in the bin they go too.

350z dyno run4

It's a bit of an odd feeling taking ownership of a "new" car then proceeding to remove a majority of the body panels and put them straight in the trash.

350z dyno run5

Like any enthusiastic tuner with access to the dyno, Andre was excited to lay down some base numbers. In stock form the VQ35 made 183.6kw at the wheels on the Dynapack. Not a bad place to start from.

350z dyno run6

While Andre was doing that I took some time to remove the birds nest of car stereo wiring. There was a lot. I guess it must have been a big bird, like an  Albatross?

350z dyno run8

350z dyno run71

Soon after, our friendly body shop guy Tim Gaskin from Rolrich Panel and Paint popped in to inspect the damage. The good news for us, it's not going take a lot of work  to get the chassis straight. With that Andre and I were able to breath a sigh of relief and continue with the project.

More updates soon.


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