4WD, Rotary Powered…WRX? | EJ20 to 13B Swap [TECH TOUR]

EJ20 out, twin-turbocharged 13B Mazda rotang in. Let’s find out how, why, and what’s planned for 'The Panda Express'.

With twin Garrett G25-660 turbos, a 450HP 13B and 6 FIC 2150 injectors, this GC8 Subaru WRX caught our eye at the Exedy stand at PRI, and Scott Molitor from MoFab took the time to give us some details on this build.

Escalating from the desire to avoid a fitting a dry sump to the EJ20, the car has since snowballed into being something a little different with the goal being a 650-750HP build running a 6 speed sequential in the long term to give the 2700lb car enough power to be competitive in Time Trials, Global Time Attack and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

It has been built around rules that do not allow for a flat floor, but with the range of events planned Scott is hoping to engineer a way around this in order to be able to more easily switch between applications.

Project Update

Track Footage

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