5 Must-Follow Motorsport Wiring Instagram Accounts

In no particular order below is a list of my favourite motorsport wiring themed Instagram accounts.

racespec motorsport wiring instagram accounts

Joel from STRD (Speed Theory Racing Development) creates high quality mil-spec looms under his "Race-Spec" brand. Follow his account @racespec, check out his handlay concentric twist photos and several high profile Honda drag car customers.

racewire motorsport wiring instagram accounts

Patrick Smith at Smith Race Wire is heavily involved in the off road race truck scene and makes some amazing wiring looms. Check out his @racewire Instagram account.

ryan rywire motorsport wiring instagram accounts

Ryan and his team at Ry Wire offer a huge range of Honda and Nissan mil-spec wiring looms right off the shelf. Check out the Ry Wire behind the scenes action on Ryan's @ryan_rywire Instagram account. Full disclosure, Ryan from Ry Wire presents our motorsport wiring course.  

fferacing motorsport wiring instagram accounts

Ed Woolsey from Force Fed Engineering posts great wiring photos on his account @fferacing. He's pretty handy with the tig too, so check out his welding snaps.

wireworx motorsport wiring instagram accounts

Xavier Ortiz from Wire Worx specilses in Honda mil-spec wiring harnesses and does it very well. Check out his wiring snaps @wireworx

 andresimon motorsport wiring instagram accounts

I should also add High Performance Academy tutor; @andresimon's account too, he showcases some very impressive work.

senbilcock motorsport wiring instagram accounts

And of course you can follow me at @senbilcock



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    Here's one that has me drooling at times.
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    5 years ago