6 Steps To PDM Setup + PDUs, & PMUs [NEW COURSE]

PDM 'How To' course, setup and installation from start to finish.

No matter what you call them, there is no debate that power distribution modules are becoming commonplace in the performance automotive world.
If you're new to PDMs, there's a lot to understand to get yours installed and working to its potential.

Using this course, you learn from start to finish about how a PDM works and is configured, giving you the skills to set one up exactly how you want it.

You will gain knowledge on:
- How a PDM works 
- Wiring and Installation considerations 
- Classifying electrical load 
- Pulse width modulation 
- Communicating with your ECU and Keypad
- Advanced PDM Functions 

And countless other vital pieces of knowledge and skills that you will need to understand and setup a PDM in your vehicle, also know as power management units (PMU) and power distribution units (PDU) in case you were wondering where are different names for the same thing.

Enroll now.


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