600HP Gymkhana & Rally Monster | Ken Blocks Cossie V2 [TECH TALK]

While many cars of the 90’s era used for motorsports are repowered with a wide range of engines, the legendary Ford Escort RS with its 2L YB Cosworth weapon was a powerhouse in its day and still holds up well against more modern options even when they are also modified.

Kens Blocks 600HP BorgWarner EFR7670 turbocharged YB, which are based on an older Ford Pinto block design, runs the usual forged crank, rods and pistons you would expect and has had the factory cast-iron block replaced in favour of a Smith and Jones Engineering cast aluminium version along with one of their cast cylinder heads being fitted as well. This gives the ability to port the heads better and also strengthens the block in key areas such as water jackets and head stud pillars to ensure reliability.

The engine still runs a wet-sump due to the low G’s pulled in a vehicle like this compared to a circuit car, although it is a magnesium casting from Ford Motorsports which will have many improvements over stock trim. Other modern updates include a Cosworth ECU, PDM and dash display/data logger, Julian Godfrey Engineering inlet manifold, Sadev sequential transmission and a Turbosmart dual port actuator.

As the car is used for gymkhana where the rulebook is thrown out the window, but also rally events that do have class rules, the car is often fitted with a 34mm restrictor which just about halves the power output, particularly high in the rev range. For this reason, rally car setups can rely heavily on the gearing and a 6 Speed sequential transmission, front and rear differential, driveshafts, prop shafts, and gear change tower from Sadev have been fitted along with an AP Racing Carbon Clutch.

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