AEM End Technical Support For AEMPro Software and Repairs for AEM Series 1 ECUs

Effective from the 31st of December 2014, AEM will be ending technical support for their AEMPro software, as well as repair and service for their AEM Series 1 ECUs. These ECUs are now close to 13 years old, and some of the components used in their construction are no longer available, making repair or support impossible in some instances.

The decision to cease support for the Series 1 is twofold. Firstly it will be difficult to confirm if a hardware fault exists if all trouble shooting procedures are exhausted as no repair service will be provided. Secondly AEM is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of technology and offering racers the best and most advanced products such as their Infinity and Series 2 ECUs. In order to improve technical support it has become imperative to focus resources on their latest products.

If you own a Series 1 AEM ECU, you still have a couple of options. There are still a wide range of factory trained AEM dealers around the world who will be able to offer technical support for your ECU. A full list of AEM trained dealers is included on AEM’s website. Secondly AEM are currently offering a rebate of $100 USD off the purchase of any Series 2 ECU, or $125 USD off the purchase of any Infinity ECU if you wish to upgrade your Series 1 ECU. Contact AEM directly or any authorised AEM dealer for information on taking advantage of the program.


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