AEM Infinity Plug & Play Harness for Ford Coyote Racing Engines

AEM have released a plug & play adaptor harness to allow easy integration of their range-topping Infinity ECU with the Ford Coyote 5.0 Litre engine using the Ford Racing Controls Pack (FRCP). This harness allows removal of the factory Ford PCM as well as the restrictive MAF sensor, and quick and easy installation of the Infinity ECU. This provides an advanced real time programmable ECU with complete control over the advanced Coyote engine - Including quad variable cam control and drive by wire throttle.

As well as the usual features you would expect to find on a high-end standalone ECU, the Infinity also includes advanced boost control strategies, nitrous control, on the fly map switching, dual drive by wire throttle maps, pit lane limiting, traction control, launch control and flex fuel capability. The Infinity also boasts up to 64 GB of data logging memory with an ultra fast transfer rate of up to 480 Mb/second. It’s sealed enclosure is also suitable for engine bay mounting.

Right now all Infinity ECUs are sold fully enabled so you will never need to pay to unlock features in the future.


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