Affordability with Functionality | ECUMaster EMU Black [TECH NUGGET]

Sporting functionality and features that some higher end ECUs don't, the ECUMasters EMU Black was a standout product for us at the 2017 Performance Racing Industry show. The units small size gives greater flexibility for installation and along with the ‘usual’ analog inputs and auxiliary outputs this ECU features 8 injector drives and 6 ignition drives built in.

With the ability for advanced users to program their own CAN bus transmit and receive templates the ECU can interface with almost any device no matter the brand.
For those that are not able to do this, there is still a list of common templates pre-programed for quick and easy use with some common devices and for tuning purposes this unit also features
a single onboard wideband Lambda control that interfaces with both the Bosch LSU 4.2 and 4.9 sensors.

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