Cam Tuning vs Emissions Standards | Variable Cam Tuning [FREE LESSON]

What affects does Variable Cam Tuning have on emissions? Find out here....

In today’s release, Andre walks us through the effects cam tuning can have on our emissions, how we can control it and what other contributing factors can affect our emissions as well.

Andre takes us through a dyno test to measure our torque vs our inlet cam angle vs NOx. This is done by Andre stepping up the cam timing in 2 degree increments while allowing time for the NOx reading to stabilise with every adjustment - you need to allow about 5-6 seconds for this to be accurate.

After the test, Andre takes us through a break down on the results, what it tells us and where we need to consider making a sacrifice in power/torque to meet emissions standards.

00:00 - Intro
00:49 - In this video
01:47 - What we will be adjusting in the tuning software
02:45 - Other Influences affecting our emissions
03:46 - Also consider your ignition timing
03:57 - Viewing your cam timing & target
05:12 - Dyno test
06:40 - Analysing the test results
08:41 - Power and Torque Vs Emissions
09:21 - Exhaust Cam and Emissions
10:58 - VVT Cam Tuning Course

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