Can You Put an Aftermarket ECU In ANY Vehicle? | Replicating CAN Messages [TECH TALK]

More and more late-model vehicles are using CAN bus to help control almost every function in a car from engine-related functions to touch-sensitive door handles. While on the surface this technology is great, when we want to start modifying a vehicle for track use it can cause complications.

Mark Robertson from Rsport Race Engineering helps explain the process of sniffing out CAN messages, why it needs to be done and also how he ended up in the industry after being involved with the Super2 racing series.

Also discussed is the requirement to write your own firmware in order to give the flexibility required to integrate an aftermarket ECU with these systems, and how the M1 Build package from MoTeC is one of the solid options for this.

0:00 - Modern ECU’s and CAN Complexities
0:22 - Tuning Career
1:09 - What is Super2
1:22 - Career Evolvement
1:44 - Modern ECU CAN Control
2:37 - How Development Starts
3:40 - General CAN Sniffing Process
5:03 - Factory Scan Tool vs Scaling
5:30 - Using the Data with an Aftermarket ECU
6:25 - M1 Build Package benefits
7:06 - 1 Device per Address
7:31 - The Future - Outro

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