Cheap Horsepower? | Air Intake Restrictions

It goes without saying that in order to make maximum power from any engine we need to get as much air into the engine as we can. Most people can understand that a restrictive air filter can reduce airflow and sacrifice power, however it’s easy to overlook the other potential restrictions in the inlet system.

In this webinar we’ll discuss the restrictions and see how you can quantify them in your data including your standard air box vs the common pod filter swap.

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0:00 - What are they and why is it important?
3:00 - What causes restrictions?
12:30 - Signs that we have a restriction
23:15 - Smooth versus corrugated plumbing
25:45 - Stock air box vs Pod filters
27:30 - What can you expect from aftermarket components?
30:05 - Removing the intake system to test available power
31:35 - Effect of plumbing length
34:00 - Questions


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