Crimp VS Solder, Concentric Twisting, TXL VS Tefzel & MORE [TECH TALK]

Why would you use Tefzel wire instead of TXL? Why don’t you use solder in your motorsport loom other than for one very specific application? Why is crimping better? What are the advantages of concentric twisting and quality sheathing such as Raychem DR 25 and why are autosport connectors preferred over DTN?

It’s hard to find accurate, reliable information on professional level motorsport harness construction and the materials used to create such looms. Zac Perkins from Motorsports Electronics helps us shed some light on the topic.

Along with answering the questions above Zac also sheds some light on how he got into the industry and some of the resources he uses to build his skills using techniques and materials which are far removed from your general OEM style looms, crimps and materials.

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