Data Analysis, GT86 Suspension Setup & More | Today At HPA 218 [UPDATE]

Mercedes 190E DTM, cooling and data analysis, GT86 suspension. Andres update that came right before your members-only webinar lesson ‘218 | What is a Pull Up Resistor?’. Details on membership below.

INSTAGRAM UPDATE: If you don’t follow HPA101 already, you should. We post a few times a week and as well as those being informative, often the discussion in the comments only adds to the information you can learn and discuss. Recently we posted some information on the Mercedes 190E DTM we saw at Goodwood this year which was from the days where driver aids and turbos were thin on the ground in this class of racing. Specifically discussed is the slide throttle body arrangement for the 375HP 2.5L NA 4 cylinder Mercedes-Benz.

V8 GT86: Next up is a bit of an update on the Black 450HP Toyota 1uz V8 powered GT86. While we have tinkered with and improved the cooling system, recent testing has shown it was not quite enough. Andre goes through the data logs to show how while the coolant temps are now stable, the oil, diff and TTi GTO gearbox temps are not following the correct trends we would like to see in order to be up to endurance racing standard as getting to the start line isn’t the only battle.

RaceCraft GT86: The former ‘White 86’ is now the RaceCraft 86 and will feature in its first course release in the coming weeks. Under the RaceCraft banner, it will demonstrate how you can do your own DIY wheel alignment to dial in your car for a specific track or personal preference. We have a set of MCA Red Series coilover suspension for this along with some SPL Parts control arms. Also discussed are some of the downsides of rubber or urethane components when it comes to track usage, and the issues they might cause you.

JUDD V8 VIDEO RELEASE: If you haven’t seen it, make sure you check out one of the latest released titled 560HP and 11,200 RPM | Georg Plasa Judd V8 Powered BMW E36 [TECH TOUR]” This interview went over some the late Georg Plasas incredible Judd V8 powered E36 build. The attention to detail that went into this car is outstanding and easily shown by the fact that it only weighs 895kg!

WEBINAR INFO: If you’re using a two wire thermistor for temperature sensing then you’re ECU is going to need a pull up resistor in order to be able to convert the variable resistance of the sensor into a voltage that it can interpret. Most often the pull up resistor is an internal part of the ECU and doesn’t require us to think too much about it, however in some instances we may need to fit this pull up resistor externally. In this webinar we’ll discuss what a pull up resistor is, how it works, and show you how you can add your own external pull up resistors when necessary.

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