Do You Need a Blow Off Valve?

Blow off valves and turbochargers have gone hand in hand for almost as long as the turbocharger has been in existence.

There are various theories about the requirements for the blow-off valve, including the ability to reduce the thrust load on the turbocharger and prevent expensive failures, and releasing the pressurised inlet charge air when the throttle is closed to help reduce lag or improve spool when the driver opens the throttle.

In this webinar, we’ll do some investigation of our own and analyse what the data shows us using our Mazda Rx-7 fitted with a Borg Warner EFR8474.

00:50 - How the data was gathered
1:10 - RX7 overview
3:55 - SR86 overview
6:55 - What does the blow-off valve do?
13:35 - Ball bearing turbos
14:45 - Applications without blow-off valves
15:30 - Data gathering demo
19:05 - Testing issues/limitations
21:15 - Reviewing the data - RX7
26:10 - Reviewing the data - SR86
29:45 - Conclusions
32:05 - Questions

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