Electronz release new firmware for Vi-PEC i-Series and link G4+

Electronz, the manufacturers of the Link and ViPEC range of ECUs have just released their new 5.2.2 firmware applicable to both the newer ViPEC i-Series and Link G4+ models. This firmware makes some significant changes to the way the ECU controls fuel delivery including a new ‘modelled’ and 'modelled dual-fuel' modes.

The key change is a move to a volumetric efficiency based fuel model for tuning the fuel delivery. This fuel model now requires a little more data from the tuner, including aspects relating to the fuel characteristics, engine capacity and injector flow, however the result is a more stable and accurate tune as well as some distinct advantages highlighted below.

The modelled dual fuel mode allows the ECU to be tuned to suit two separate fuels. While this can be used for any two fuels (petrol and C16 for example), when used with ethanol blends and an ethanol content sensor the ECU can offer true flex fuel capability with advanced control over fuel, ignition and boost levels relative to ethanol content.

For those who don’t want to take advantage of the new modelled fuel modes, ‘traditional’ mode is available which will have the ECU respond the same as the older firmware.

Advantages of 'modelled' fuel tuning:

  • A more accurate and consistent tune across a wide range of operating conditions
  • Make changes to target AFR without needing to retune the fuel table
  • Change between two sets of properly characterised injectors without the need to adjust your tune
  • ECU can automatically compensate for changes in fuel pressure (requires fuel pressure sensor)
  • Change from a returnless to MAP - referenced fuel pressure regulator without retuning
  • Accurate control of air fuel ratio as ethanol content changes

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