EMtron ECU Tuning | Online EFI Tuning Course [RELEASE]

Want to learn how to tune an EMtron ECU?

The EMtron worked example in our Practical Standalone Tuning course is now live.

You will learn the HPA 10 step process, covering:
1. ECU Configuration and Testing
2. Trigger Setup
3. Base Table Configuration
4. Base Ignition Timing/Fuel Pressure
5. Initial Startup
6. Idle Tuning
7. Steady-State Fuel Tuning
8. Steady-State Ignition Tuning
9. Full Power Tuning
10. Confirming your tune on the road/racetrack

All using an EMtron KV8 ECU on an R34 GT-R, but note, this knowledge is applicable even if you are tuning a different engine.

If you want to learn how to tune your Standalone ECU start to finish, this is the course for you.

To learn more and purchase the EMtron specific course material, click here, to grab a package deal that covers all of the base knowledge of EFI tuning and then leads into the EMtron specific material, click here.

Not sure what you need? Email us and fire through your learning goals. We're here to help make sure you get the right courses to reach your specific goals.


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