Exhaust Back Pressure And Boost + 13b RX7 Drive By Wire | Today At HPA [UPDATE]

Here’s Andres update that came right before your members-only webinar lesson ‘212 | How to choose a Supercharger' (details on membership below). This lesson covers discusses the various supercharger styles and explains the pros and cons of each. It also discusses the mounting considerations you need to keep in mind when fitting a supercharger.

FD RX7 Project: Due to some questions regarding the throttle setup on the Mazda RX7 project car Andre takes the time to explain why it’s not so easy to just bolt a DBW throttle control onto a 13b rotary engine, along with what some of the other options are.

350 SRZ Project: Nothing much has happened with this car for some time sadly as with Zac leaving us to be closer to his family we’re short 1 x wiring expert, and as such the car is currently awaiting it’s loom. It’s not dead in the water though, and recently the Garrett GTX 3076 Gen II holding manifold arrived back from Sinco Customs, but not without a quick wastegate modification…

Exhaust Back Pressure: This was a topic that drew a few comments and emails from a recent video release and was worth a mention. Learn why a low back pressure is something you might want on your drag car but not a street machine, how it can determine the size of cams you run along with sensor placement and accompanying data log analysis.

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