Exhaust Manifold Pressure...Without a Pressure Sensor! | CAN Bus Potentiometers [TECHTALK]

If you're setting up your ECU to read the exhaust manifold pressure and you don't have an absolute pressure sensor installed, what CAN you do?

Zac walks us through how you can use a ‘rough and ready’ setup to calibrate the ECU without the pressure sensors by using a variable potentiometer in your latest [#TECHTALK]. A good trick to know if you’re waiting on the correct sensor to arrive, so you can get on with the job at hand.

00:00 - Intro
00:15 - The Problem
00:50 - The Setup Plan
01:28 - What do you do if the parts don’t turn up in time?
01:57 - What is a Variable Potentiometer?
02:47 - So what does this mean?
03:27 - How to set it up and read it
06:39 - Outro

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