FLAWLESS 900HP 2.2L Nissan SR20 S15 | Time Attack Dreamboat [TECH TOUR]

This 1100KG 900HP SR20 powered Nissan S15 Silvia was easy to pick from the crowd as one of the standouts at the latest World Time Attack Challenge as not just being good from afar, but even more exceptional upon closer inspection.

Owner and builder Charles Warland took some time out on race day to chat to us about the Dream Projects S15 Silvia build including some of the reasoning behind it’s 2.2L SR20VE power plant over other options like the RB which Charles is also familiar with via his RB260Z build. Sitting 51mm back from its original location as per the Open Class rules, the SR20 runs the Nissan P12 Primera head and a billet block to produce 900HP from 34 PSI of boost via a BorgWarner EFR 9174. PMC Race Engines have been on board with this great package, and internally CP-Carrillo pistons, a Kelford Cam and Nitto 2.2L stroker kit handle the beating flawlessly which is an impressive feat for a new build and testament to the quality of the build.

Charles also discusses why the GT Auto Garage prepped S15 uses a smaller turbo that what it could handle, and how Time Attack design legion Barry Lock (Of MCA Hammerhead and Mighty Mouse CRX fame) planned the build with Charles along every step of the way to make sure things were done right and done once in regards to chassis and aero setup. Driving the car to 3rd place in the Open Class with a time of 1:29.174 was FWD lap record holder Rob “Mighty Mouse” Nguyen who will be looking to crack that 1:28 mark in the RWD next time around we’re sure.

At just under 1100KG with 1000KG of downforce at 180kph the SR20 setup is certainly pulling its weight to keep momentum. With that said, a focus on the overall balance of the car and not just outright power it is well capable of the task and the change in rear suspension from a multi-link setup to a double-wishbone one helps ensure traction is maintained where required via the Hollinger RD6 sequential gearbox. A good range of sensors have been fitted for data logging purposes and with the help of the MoTeC M150, PDM30, and C127 dash help dial the car in to achieve faster and faster lap times.

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