Wiring A 2000HP Drag Car | Professional Wiring Experience And Advice [TECH TALK]

Cody Philips spared a bit of time for Andre and the team at TX2K to run through a large range of topics relating to his career, best practices when it comes to professional level motorsport wiring, materials and a few details on what he has done to his own 2000 odd horsepower, 7 second 2jz powered JZA80 Supra.

Discussed is how the low quality of work in the industry saw Cody spend more and more time wiring in order to be able to tune cars coming through the door, and as it was something he enjoyed more and more it just became a natural progression to start installing ECUs and then building complete custom looms from there. He has learnt from his failings, and one such is originally using solder for connections which were not up to the task, particularly in offroad motorsports applications.

The advantages of concentric twisting are also discussed along with what Cody has found to be the most important aspect of any loom, planning, and documentation. One thing we often see in the comments relating to concentric twisting is how you cannot modify the loom once completed. This interview highlights the point that if you need to modify the loom after it has been created, it’s not the fault of the loom, it’s your own poor planning. The easy way to avoid this is spending the time to get it right before you start rather than after you’ve finished as Cody points out along with some other hints on how to make sure that happens.

The cost of a PDM vs the cost of wiring in relays, fuses, and switches is touched on along with a few neat features on the Supra including a push button start in the engine bay and a MoTeC CAN based keypad in the boot. Lastly, Mil-Spec and Autosport connectors are discussed along with why Cody prefers to use the latter, and how throwing some heat shrink at your harness isn’t all that’s required to bring it up to a professional standard.

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