High BOOST Tuning! | How To Tune A Turbocharged Engine [FREE LESSON]

While the principles of tuning a naturally aspirated (NA) engine are the same as one using forced induction (FI), such as a turbocharged engine, the process you follow does differ slightly in order to ensure you can still tune quickly and easily, but also reliably.

In this turbo tuning lesson, Andre takes us through some of the basics of steady state tuning for both high and low boost applications. Even if you understand the principles of EFI tuning, using a dyno or tuning on the road/track for the first time adds another element of learning you will need to master. These courses will give you the necessary skills to tune any engine from start to finish, step by step. In particular, you will learn:

  • How to configure your ECU to suit the engine
  • What numbers to put in the fuel and ignition tables before you start
  • How to get your engine running for the first time
  • How to use the dyno to control load and engine speed
  • How to tune the fuel map in steady state
  • How to optimise the ignition table
  • How to tune fuel and ignition using ramp runs

After completing this course you will have the confidence and specialist skills required to properly calibrate your ECU on the dyno, but more importantly, you will also learn HPA’s '10 Step Process’ which will take you through a tuning job from start to finish, ensuring you don’t miss any critical stages.

Course ownership is FOR LIFE. NO monthly fees, NO sneaky charges for updates (these are free!) and 2 years support from Andre and other tutors are included.

Want to start with some free lessons instead? Dive into them here.


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