How does the FIA keep the racing fair? | LeMans Parity Control [TECHTALK]

How does the FIA mandate fairness between teams competing at LeMans?

In this week's [TECH TALK] we go back to the Goodwood Festival of Speed to talk about Parity Control with the LeMans competitors. Andre talks about how the FIA limit the max boost pressure on turbo charged cars and how the important accurate close loop control tuning is to achieve the max boost pressure out of the limits. 

Also talked about is mandating the AFR targets, this can lead to some teams running more on the lean side to sacrifice some power but improve their fuel efficiency - which in an endurance can be important. While talking about leaning out the AFR target, another thing that needs to be considered is the increase in combustion temperature and how this could affect knock. 

00:00 - Intro
00:14 - Mandating Max Boost Pressure
01:10 - AFR Target Control
01:40 - Leaning out for fuel efficiency
02:26 - Adjusting the target AFR
02:43 - Increasing Combustion Heat
03:02 - Outro

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